Charlie Rose – Friday, Aug 09, 2013 – Ark Livedash TV Transcript – Livedash – Search what is being mentioned across national TV

Unbelievable how Breaking Bad idea came about. Here is the excerpt. Also, amazing how a creator of the X-Files couldn’t find a job…

>> I was coming off of seven show ” that was a wonderful job.
00:03:26 That was a close second as far as great jobs go to “breaking ” this one has to take the cake.
00:03:32 But I was talking to a good buddy of mine who I went to film school with and he and I had written together on “the x-files” and we were bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t get anot over.
00:03:46 >> And we talked about being greeters at wal-mart because maybe we’d be good at that.
00:03:51 And he read an article in the “new york times” about some children who had gotten sick from a meth lab that their mother put in their bathroom.
00:04:01 I don’t know what the particulars were but my friend tom joked in his dark humored way that maybe we should build our own meth lab in the back on and drive around and make money on the side while we’re in between film jobs.
00:04:18 And you’d have to know him.
00:04:20 >> We have an idea.
00:04:23 >> Suddenly this idea goes “book” and pops into my head for this character who at this point I do not have a name for who would do such a fact.
00:04:31 A character who became known as walter white.
00:04:34 But I think really what was going on at the time was I was about to turn 40 years old, back in 2005 or so, and reverse engineering looking back in hindsight on it I think I was really interested in writing a story about a guy having the world’s worst mid-life crisis as I was probably about to embark upon my own.

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